Spiritual Books for Children

Download these spiritual books for kids on Amazon Kindle and give your child the gift of healing and spiritual growth.

If you told me that I would be writing a spiritual book 30 years ago, I’d have thought you were crazy. But life works in strange ways, and here I am writing a book to help children connect with the tools they need to heal and deal with the stresses of daily living.

You see, I used to be a very scientific and logical person and still am to a large extent, but a series of spiritual awakenings led me to rediscover my divine source of guidance and connect with my celestial team or spirit team, including my angels.

The first time I connected with angels was when I was introduced to Archangel Raphael in a meditation. At the time, I did not even know that Raphael was the name for an archangel (despite being brought up Catholic). However, it did help me realize that I could tap into a source of guidance and support beyond this physical plane.

I also realized that I was being called to heal people in some way, and went on to write a lot of material on self-care and self-love practices that helped me heal and transform my life. Today, it gives me a great deal of comfort to know that I have a non-physical team of non-judgemental, unconditionally loving helpers to guide and support me anywhere I go.

teaching children about energy and healing

Although we can’t control what happens in the world, we can certainly control what we do about it. As a writer, empath, and healer, I feel called to make the lives of Earth’s most vulnerable souls a little more bearable by helping children worldwide find their own source of strength whenever they feel hopelessness or despair.

Children are naturally connected to Spirit/Source, but they lose this connection when life events and trauma teaches them not to trust their source of inner guidance. The reason why I chose to write these books for kids is that many children today are unhappy and traumatized, and I want to help them reconnect to their own source of spiritual support and guidance.

Sparkle and Shine: Energy Healing Adventures for Kids

In Sparkle and Shine: Energy Healing Adventures for Kids, parents can help their children embark on a magical journey into the world of energy healing. This immensely useful book is a short introduction for parents to the transformative and holistic practices that cater specifically to young minds.

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sparkle and shine book

It equips parents with the tools to teach their children about energy, emotions, and the significance of balance. From engaging with kid-friendly energy practices and mind-body techniques to exploring chakra healing exercises and crystal healing, parents will discover a wealth of healing practices designed to nurture their children’s well-being.

Sparkle and Shine will help you inspire your children to express their emotions through sound healing, find serenity through mindful breathing, and tap into the enchantment of their own healing touch. As your children delve into the realm of energy healing, they also cultivate essential qualities of self-acceptance, empathy, and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings.

With practical guidance for parents, Sparkle and Shine becomes a compass for incorporating natural healing methods into children’s daily lives. This book empowers parents to nurture their children’s emotional well-being, encourage self-expression, and foster overall growth.

Sparkle and Shine is an introduction to energy healing for kids and caters to parents, caregivers, and educators. It offers a valuable resource for cultivating children’s inner sparkle and guiding them toward a life filled with harmony, balance, and radiant joy.

Let Sparkle and Shine: Energy Healing Adventures for Kids be the catalyst that ignites young hearts’ imagination, curiosity, and healing potential, leading them on a path where they can truly shine and discover their inner power.

Heavenly Blessings: Angelic Prayers for Children

Heavenly Blessings: Angelic Prayers for Children will help your child understand that they have a loving, divine team of helpers waiting eagerly to protect, heal, support, and make them feel unconditionally loved anytime, anywhere and that they can turn to them anytime for the love and guidance they so desperately seek.

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angelic prayers for children book cover

Heavenly Blessings is a captivating book that nurtures the spiritual growth of kids, fostering a deep connection with the divine. It will help your kids delve into a world where angelic presence guides their young hearts and spirits in an enchanting collection of prayers designed especially for children.

Within the pages of this treasure trove, children will discover a variety of heartfelt prayers that instill a sense of wonder and reverence and are specifically crafted to resonate with their innocent souls.

This beautifully illustrated volume is more than just a collection of prayers. It’s a doorway to the angelic realm, where celestial beings watch over and protect children, offering guidance and love. Kids will embark on an extraordinary journey, learning about the role of angels in spirituality and discovering how to connect with these heavenly messengers.

Whether used for individual reflection or shared moments of prayer and contemplation with loved ones, Heavenly Blessings: Angelic Prayers for Children is a timeless companion for children seeking spiritual nourishment. It invites young hearts to experience the divine presence in their lives and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude, love, and connection.

In a world where distractions abound, Heavenly Blessings is a gentle reminder of the enduring power of faith and the unwavering love of angels. Let your child’s spirit soar as they embark on a journey of wonder, guided by the celestial realm, and experience the transformative magic of angelic prayers.

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