The Betrayal

A hitman’s deceitful plot to cash in on insurance money is thwarted by the woman’s foresight and ancestral guidance, leading her to reject his advances boldly.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


The hitman came to reel her in,

With plans to cash from her within,

He aimed to trick, to isolate,

Create a smokescreen, seal her fate.


He sought the money, nothing more,

With cunning smile, his ego soared,

But she could see through every lie,

The evil glint that filled his eye.




She saw right through his love’s charade,

Ancestors told the plans he’d laid,

When he came back to try once more,

She laughed and said, “Not like before.”


“Not tonight, Satan,” her voice clear,

“Or any night, you won’t draw near.”



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