Mad Hatter’s Party

In the Mad Hatter’s party, the vainglorious desperately seek validation amidst perceived enemies, in a tragic cycle of insecurity and isolation.

Copyright Β© Priya Florence Shah


Desperate for validation, drowning in gin,

The Mad Hatter stumbles, where shallowness begins.

At the Mad Hatter’s party, a spectacle of pride,

Where every glance is a challenge, every smile a snide.


In his mirrored world of shimmering glass,

He sees only rivals, no friendships to amass.

Each guest a threat, a potential defeat,

In his realm of illusions, where ego’s seat.


mad hatters party


He flaunts his wit, sharp and unkind,

Bitter words flow freely, poisoning the mind.

Seeking applause, yet feeding on fear,

The Mad Hatter’s vainglory screams loud and clear.


But beneath the facade of arrogance and guile,

Lies a broken soul, yearning for a smile.

His laughter echoes hollow, his achievements a sham,

At the Mad Hatter’s table, where darkness swam.


The Mad Hatter’s frantic quest for acclaim,

Has him lost in a labyrinth of false fame.

Desperate for validation, he found only strife,

At the Mad Hatter’s party, the tragic dance of life.



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