The Haunting

This poem explores themes of dark magic, betrayal, and supernatural protection, depicting the consequences of abusing power and the ultimate triumph of spirit over malevolent forces.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


Within these haunted walls secrets reside,

Conjured up something dark and nasty.

The book of shadows, darkly allied,

Potions and spells, turning back most ghastly.


They bound themselves with graveyard magic,

Wishes granted, yet beware the design.

Trapped in darkness, their fate tragic,

Abused divinity wrought destruction’s line.


Tried to make her a ghost, a specter seen,

In photos alone, a visage unseen.


book of shadows


In the tangle of love the demons emerge,

The banshee’s wail of death impending.

The end came swift, a silent dirge,

Once vibrant life, now forever pending.


Ashes from the flames of hell,

Addictions, spirits, deviant ways,

Workplace affairs where chaos fell,

Backstabbings, betrayals in endless maze.


With greed and malevolent intent,

False narratives spun, morality bent.




The demon and the ice queen cold,

Unemployed, homeless, in fury’s grasp,

Predator’s plans in failure unfold,

No honor where snitches clasp.


Everyone now sees the truth revealed,

The recording sets the record straight,

Key to the jail cell’s fate unsealed,

One cannot blame another’s weight.


Betwixt ancient paths and modern world’s throng,

Is there any place where I belong?


divine protection


The haunting where courage sleeps,

She was protected from the psychopath’s snare,

Spirit kicked him to the kerb, peace she keeps,

In Spirit’s arms, she’s safe, beyond care.


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