Lies by Omission

Lies by omission manifest in subtle body language cues, revealing hidden truths through nervous gestures, fleeting glances, and strained expressions.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


In shadows cast by whispered words,

The silence hums, the truth deferred.

A smile hides what their eyes betray,

In secrets kept, the heart’s dismay.


A glance that flickers, swift and sly,

Avoids the gaze, conceals the lie.

Hands that fidget, fingers play,

In nervous dance, they give away.


The posture shifts, a subtle lean,

A hidden tale, a half-seen scene.

The lips are still, but oh, the face,

Reflects the strain, the inner trace.


lies by omission


A laugh too bright, a voice too high,

A mask of calm, a heaved sigh.

The words unsaid, the truth’s delay,

Speak louder than the light of day.


In silence, lies by omission bloom,

In quiet gaps, the secrets loom.

The body’s language, loud and clear,

Reveals the truth they dread and fear.


The liar dwells in half-truths spun,

A tangled web, the deed half-done.

Their words weave shadows, truth denied,

In gestures small, their secrets hide.


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