Two-Faced Tyrant

A two-faced tyrant’s deceptive schemes unravel, exposing his inner turmoil and leading to his ultimate downfall as truth prevails.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


A toxic, angry, prideful bully,

Outdated thoughts the heart doth sully,

Mentally lost, unhinged within,

Mind games and cloudy judgments spin.


Directionless, with jealous gaze,

Bankrupt at heart, in empty days.

Cold dead inside, the void he hides,

His soul in ‘ternal dark presides.




Fake happy, poker face intact,

Within the mob, the heat’s compact.

They crash’d and burn’d, the witch hunt failed,

His plans blew up, the truth unveiled.


His tantrums did reveal his rage,

As she went cold and turn’d her face,

Saw through his Machiavellian guise,

N’er turning back, she knew his lies




With gnashing teeth and pulling hair,

He simmers in darkest despair,

Seeks refuge from imminent disaster,

Confess’d his sins to Divine Master.


The Divine turned a stone-deaf ear,

His fate was seal’d, destiny clear,

The two-faced tyrant’s lies undone,

As truth rises with morning sun.



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