Fractured Mind

A poem about a mind tormented by early abuse and repressed sexuality, descending into madness as it fails to break others who see through its schemes.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah

🤕 🤕 🤕

In shadows cast by early years,

His mind was fractured, drowned in tears.

The scars of pain, the silent cries,

Abuse that darkened childhood skies.

🤕 🤕 🤕

Asylum walls, his haunting home,

In numbing voids, he’d often roam.

Refusing healing’s tender touch,

Made agony his constant crutch.

🤕 🤕 🤕

descent into madness

🤕 🤕 🤕

A secret kept, his hidden side,

His love concealed, he lived a lie.

Religious fears, a heavy shroud,

Afraid his truth would be too loud.

🤕 🤕 🤕

He sought to bend her will, her soul,

To drag her down, to take control.

But she, with clarity, saw through,

His every scheme, his twisted view.

🤕 🤕 🤕

skeletons in the closet

🤕 🤕 🤕

In shadowed self, he chose to dwell,

Descending deep, depravity’s well.

Lost in darkness, he couldn’t see,

The light that might have set him free.

🤕 🤕 🤕

Her strength, a mirror to his plight,

Exposed his mind to endless night.

Defeat he tasted, bitter, cold,

A madness, slow, began to mold.

🤕 🤕 🤕


🤕 🤕 🤕

In depths of anguish, lost, he fell,

A tortured soul in private hell.

The battle waged within his heart,

A fractured mind, torn apart.

🤕 🤕 🤕


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