Beauty in Simplicity

This poem celebrates finding joy and peace in life’s simple pleasures, such as birdsong, sunsets, moonlight, family love, warm baths, coffee, nature walks, and the love of a pet.

Copyright Β© Priya Florence Shah


In the whisper of dawn, where birds greet the sky,

Their songs lift the heart, making spirits fly high.

A sunset that paints the horizon with gold,

A moment of wonder, a story untold.


Moonlight that dances on waves in the night,

A silent embrace, soft and gentle light.

The warmth of a family, laughter, and cheer,

Love that grows stronger with each passing year.


family time


A bath that envelopes, warm and serene,

Washing away worries, pure and clean.

A cup of coffee, its aroma so sweet,

A simple indulgence, a daily treat.


A walk through the woods, where nature holds sway,

Each step is a discovery, a moment to play.

The love of a pet, so loyal and true,

An unspoken bond, yet deeply felt too.


love of a pet


In these simple pleasures, life’s true joys we find,

Treasures that enrich both heart and mind.

Amidst life’s chaos, let’s pause to see,

Where we find our peace, the beauty in simplicity.



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