Kindness Ascends, Cruelty Descends

A poem on the importance of kindness and empathy in one’s journey, highlighting how treating others with care determines one’s ascent or descent in life. 

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


In the grand design of the celestial test,

The Divine watches over, crafting quests.

They lift you high with hands unseen,

To observe your heart, both kind and keen.


As you climb the heights, feeling so grand,

Thinking you’re beyond, with fate in your hand.

The eyes above see beyond your sight,

Your deeds are known, both wrong and right.


Will you extend a hand to those in need,

Or trample others with ruthless greed?

Will kindness guide your every deed,

Or will power blind you, plant the seed?


Just quoting scriptures and wearing a mask,

Doesn’t make you righteous in the task.

True righteousness lies in actions true,

Not just in words or the mask you construe.


kindness ascends


On this journey, if scorn you sow,

Hearts you’ve torn, will come to know.

When your path takes a downward bend,

Alone you’ll be, with nary a friend.


Those trampled on as you climbed so high,

Won’t be there as you bid goodbye.

The Divine observes, with gaze so true,

To see if love or power defines you.


Remember this as you seek the sky

Treat others with care, let kindness fly.

Ascend with grace or fall with regret,

In kindness, you’ll pass the Divine’s test.



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