Silver-Tongued Sly

The story of the exposure and downfall of a silver-tongued snake that deceives and manipulates people to steal their knowledge and resources.

Copyright Β© Priya Florence Shah


In a garden lush, where secrets lie,

A silver-tongued snake begins to sly.

His scales agleam, his eyes aglitter,

With words as sweet as honeyed twitter.


He slithers close, a charming guise,

His praises sung to gain allies.

With every hiss, he weaves a tale,

A master in the art of flail.


He schmoozes here, he flatters there,

A serpent skilled in false affair.

His words like silk, his smile so bright,

He basks in the deceptive light.


He joins the circles, earns their trust,

A façade of wisdom, sleek and just.

Yet in his heart, a venom vile,

A hunger fed by greed and guile.


deceptive snake


He steals their knowledge, their precious lore,

And siphons resources, more and more.

His silver tongue, a tool so sharp,

In every word, a hidden barb.


But whispers spread, the truth takes wing,

The serpent’s lies no longer sing.

Exposed, unmasked, his charm undone,

He faces shadows, shuns the sun.


For those he wronged, now stand as one,

The serpent’s game forever done.

In the garden lush, where secrets lie,

No place remains for silver-tongued sly.



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