The Monsters Inside

This short poem explores the struggle of confronting internal fears and finding strength in facing one’s darkest thoughts.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


They don’t want to look within,

It’s too scary in there.

A maze of thoughts so dark,

A mind fraught with despair.


Behind every closed door,

Lurks a shadowed fear.

Silent whispers grow louder,

Each time they draw near.


A mirror shows their faces,

Twisted in silent screams.

Lost in endless corridors,

Haunted by their dreams.


face the shadows


Beneath a calm facade,

Rage storms in their eyes.

Battling with themselves,

Hiding behind lies.


But monsters lose their power,

When faced with the light.

Courage is born within,

Even in the darkest night.


When you dare to look inside,

Face the shadows head-on.

It’s in the heart’s deepest battles,

That true strength is born.


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