Bathed in Night’s Embrace

A poignant exploration of finding strength and identity in the depths of the night, where one’s true light shines brightest.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


In the womb of night, I first drew breath,

Where shadows danced, and silence kept.

The darkness, my cradle, my whispered lullaby,

In its depths, I learned to live, to sigh.


You, a visitor, to its depths descended,

But I, a child of the night, befriended.

In the cloak of dusk, my kin I found,

In the moon’s gentle glow, my heart unbound.


womb of night


You may think you know the dark’s embrace,

But I, its child, its love, its grace.

For where you see only void and fear,

I see a world that’s crystal clear.


Born in shadows, I found my light,

In the darkest hour, I shine most bright.

For the darkness is not my foe,

But the cradle from which my strength does grow.



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