Evil Disguise

Despite his constant attempts to undermine her, she saw through his deceit with the help of the Divine, who ultimately thwarted his schemes and ended his malevolent plans.

Copyright Β© Priya Florence Shah


He tried to pull her down

Every chance that he got

She only bounced back higher

Deflected every shot


He acted all contrite

Like he’d cared all along

Hoping she’d come out

And sing his song


But in his heart of hearts

Envy and hate burned hot

He plotted to harm her

Hoping to take her spot


web of lies


She ignored all his calls

Saw through his web of lies

The Divine helped her look

Past his evil disguise


He lied and slandered her

Hatched more evil schemes

The Divine shot them down

Ending his twisted dreams


To finally end it all

And fed up with his stance

The Divine took him out

With his own dark plans


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