The White Rose

A white rose symbolizes purity, resilience, and hope in the garden of life, inspiring us to bloom with purpose and spread love even in the darkest times.

Copyright © Priya Florence Shah


In the garden of life, a white rose blooms,

Its petals pure, in the sun’s gentle looms.

A symbol of beauty, untainted by strife,

A beacon of hope, in the tapestry of life.


In its fragrant embrace, whispers are heard,

Of tales untold, of a soul unspurred.

It speaks of a journey, of trials faced,

Of resilience and grace, beautifully laced.


Like the white rose, may we too aspire,

To stand tall and true, amidst life’s mire.

To bloom with purpose, in the darkest of hours,

To spread love and peace, like fragrant flowers.


purity and innocence


For in the white rose, there lies a truth,

A reminder of innocence, in a world so uncouth.

A symbol of purity, in a world stained with pain,

A hope for tomorrow, after the storm’s disdain.


So let us cherish the white rose’s bloom,

And let its fragrance, our hearts consume.

For in its beauty, we find a reflection,

Of our own journey, our own perfection.



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