True Love

Discover the essence of true love and embrace the path to genuine connection as a profound journey of heartbreak, transformation, and selflessness.

She asked the sage, “How can I find true love?” The wise one replied, “You must allow your heart to break.”

For, how can you truly love unconditionally unless you have been unmade and remade, torn apart, and put back together in a more evolved form…

…the way a caterpillar allows its body to turn to mush and goes through the anguish of transformation so it can become a butterfly?

And that is what true love will require from you. The willingness to allow your ego to die, so you can find your soul and meet with your beloved devoid of its trappings.

True love is not about what you get, but what you give.

So, drop your mask, your pretense, your power play, and your fears. For, when you love unconditionally, you always win, even if it is not reciprocated.

You cannot control how you are loved. What you can control is how you love. And that is how you find true love.

True Love

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