Circle of Compassion: A Loving-Kindness Meditation

The purpose of this loving-kindness meditation is to help you experience profound serenity and cultivate a compassionate heart. Elevate your spirits, spread positive vibes across the world, and share love and kindness in this soul-soothing journey.


In the quiet of your heart, let’s embark,

On a journey of love, in the stillness, we’ll hark.

To the whispers of kindness, the gentle refrain,

Of compassion and warmth, like a soothing rain.


May you be well, may you be strong,

May your days be filled with joy all day long.

May your heart be light, may your burdens be eased,

May you find in this world, the peace you’ve longed to seize.


Extend this love, like ripples in a pond,

To your loved ones, to those near and far beyond.

May they too be blessed, with a heart full of grace,

As we share this love, in this sacred space.



peace love kindness


Now widen the circle, encompass the earth,

For all living beings, regardless of their birth.

May they find solace, in a world sometimes unkind,

May love and compassion, in their hearts, they’ll always find.


And lastly, dear soul, don’t forget to be kind to you,

Extend this love inward, let self-compassion renew.

May you find the strength to heal and forgive,

In this circle of kindness, in this life that you live.


As we close this meditation, let our spirits unite,

With a world that’s more loving, more gentle, more bright.

May we carry this love with us throughout our day,

And share it with others in every possible way.



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