The Music Industry Is Broken. Can Entrepreneurial Thinking Save Musicians?

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A few days ago, I read this rather depressing article quoting Canadian singer-songwriter Danny Michel who reveals how music streaming services have devastated the music industry and hit virtually every working musician in some way.

As Danny revealed in a lengthy Facebook post, A peek behind the curtain: The expiration date on music, an artist earns $0.003 per play on Spotify.

Danny also revealed that sales for his song “Purgatory Cove” which was in the TOP 20 charts (CBC Radio 2 & 3) for 10 weeks and climbed to #3, earned him just $44.99 in 2018.

Now that’s a shocker, by any standard!

As someone who played music and loves it deeply, this made me really sad, because I want musicians to thrive and earn a good living from their art.