Smiling Enemies

This poem delves into the treacherous nature of deceitful individuals who feign friendship while harboring malicious intentions. It highlights the danger of trusting those who hide their true feelings behind a facade of warmth, emphasizing the importance of discernment and caution in relationships.


In shadows cast by flickering light,

Enemies lurk, hidden from sight,

With smiles like masks, so cold and sly,

Gritted teeth, concealing a lie.


They offer friendship, warm and feigned,

But behind their eyes, deceit is ingrained,

Waiting patiently, for the perfect chance,

To strike and stab, in a venomous dance.


Their words are honeyed, dripping with guile,

Yet their hearts are black, devoid of smile,

They weave a web of deceit and lies,

Beneath their facade, a darkness lies.


Beware these foes with false allure,

Their friendship is a poisoned cure,

For in their hearts, malice thrives,

Behind fake smiles, betrayal thrives.



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