Shatter the Chains and Heal Yourself

This poem on healing will inspire you to break the chains of the past and heal yourself. Because on the other side of fear, pain, sadness, and grief is a life full of freedom, growth, and joy.

Healing yourself is not a straight line,

It’s a process that can take a long time.


The journey’s winding, with twists and bends,

And sometimes seems like it never ends.


Emotions ebb and flow like the tide,

And challenges rise up along the ride.


dark maze


You may fall back into unhealthy ways,

And often feel stuck, in a dark, scary maze.


But don’t lose hope, keep pushing on,

For on the other side is a brighter dawn.


Through fear, pain, sadness, and grief,

Have faith and trust that you’ll find relief.


light at the end of the tunnel


As you journey on this healing road,

You’ll find the courage to let it all go.


The past may try to hold you down,

But you’ll rise above, and wear your crown.


With every step, you’ll grow and learn,

And find self-love at every turn.


wear your crown


So, keep going, dear soul, don’t give up the fight,

For the healed soul is a beautiful sight.


Break the chains and let the healing flow,

Transform yourself and let your love show.


heal yourself


A heart that’s open is a blossoming flower,

Unfolding with each passing hour.


For its petals stretch toward the sun,

Radiating love to everyone.


petals of love

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