The 5 Brules (Bullsh*t Rules) That Are Ruining Your Life

Bullshit Rules Brules

Of late, I’ve been studying a number of programs from MindValley University, Vishen Lakhiani’s personal development company.

I found I could instantly relate to a new word that Vishen introduced in his book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

The term is Brules’ – or “bullshit rules.”

As Vishen writes, “We all absorb the cultural norms of our society, but we often forget to question whether these are serving us — or limiting us.”

He goes on to explain why these “Brules” are so dangerous, and how to begin questioning the unconscious, insidious limiting beliefs you may be holding.

As someone who’s always been a non-conformist, I found this term especially fitting to describe the rules of society I discarded for the sake of my mental peace many years ago.